Load all the photos you want with one click

30th July 2016 - EMBARAZO - Comment -

One of the major improvements that you can use from now on, is the massive load of images with a single click.

From now the images associated with an entry are managed like a gallery, a method that you know very well in the management panel of your website, you can add all the images at once, change the order in which shown, decide what you want to be published and delete those that do not show interest.


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fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 01
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 02
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 03
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 04
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 05
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 06
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 07
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 08
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 09
fotos-de-embarazada-valencia 10
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